Clinics We Offer


Adult Immunisations

Including Flu, Tetanus, Polio, Pneumonia and Hepatitis B

Asthma and COPD Checks

Our practice nurse Fiona has had special training in the care of people with asthma, and will be happy to see you. We recommend that all our patients with asthma/COPD have a special check for their asthma/COPD at least once a year.

Child Immunisations

We encourage all children and young people to complete a full course of immunisation. Clinics are held on Tuesday & Thursday Mornings from 10.00 till 11.00 


Coronary Heart Disease Clinic

Our nurse Lorraine has been specially trained to help you keep well. During this clinic she will ask about your symptoms, and your lifestyle. She will check your weight and blood pressure and review the results of your recent blood tests.  She can then use this information to advise you on how best you can keep healthy. She may adjust your medication.

Diabetic Clinic

Nicola Bauckham is our practice nurse with a special interest in the care of diabetic people. She will have arranged for you to have some special blood tests at the hospital, before the clinic, to monitor your kidney function and to estimate how well your diabetes is controlled.

High Blood Pressure Clinic (Hypertension)

Please book with Fiona for your hypertension appointment.

family planning


We don't hold a special clinic for contraception; just make an appointment during ordinary surgery time. You can see any of our family planning trained nurses or one of the GP's.

Help for Smokers

If you are thinking about stopping, why not make an appointment to see nurse Lorraine who has had special training to help you stop#

Minor Surgery

We are able to perform a number of minor operations in our special minor surgery theatre such as the removal of small cysts and other benign lumps, injecting joints and removing in-growing toenails. Many of these are performed using a local anaesthetic. Treatment follows an initial assessment by your GP.


Psychological Treatments

A psychologist visits our surgery as part of the IAPT programme. If you think this treatment could help you, speak to any of us at the surgery and we can refer you to her.

S-Tox Clinic

Dr Acorn runs a private cosmetic clinic for anti-wrinkle and complexion treatments. Leaflet available at reception or click here for further information.

Vasectomy Clinic

Here at Stock Surgery we have a highly specified operating theatre. It is the perfect environment for all forms of operation where local anaesthetic is used, including non-scalpel vasectomy.